Clearwater Marine Aquarium In Clearwater

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit organization located in Clearwater, FL. The main attractions here are the dolphins and sea turtles, but there is more! Come spend the day learning about amazing aquatic habitats of area around us.

The Aquarium focuses on rehabilitating marine life that has been hurt or sickened by human beings, oil spills, etc. Here, they also have an open education center so you can learn more about these creatures great and small!

CMA is also home to Winter the Dolphin Tale 2 star who was rescued after she lost her tail due to entanglement in a crab trap line. There is even an annual event called Dolphin Festival designed to raise money for CMA’s programs which benefits all life in the Gulf of Mexico.

With so many wonderful exhibits, events to attend and educational programs, Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a fun place to spend the day at! Visit them today. You can reach them by calling (727) 441-1790.

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